Maken, Auckland’s Interior Design Studio are curators of commercial interiors inspired by timeless and sophisticated design.

A duo of interior architects, we craft experiences via a tailored approach for every commercial space - hospitality, retail and workplace. Honest and curious are hallmarks of our design and we take great enjoyment from creating a celebration of our client’s vision. We’re no flash in a pan, we take the time to embrace the design process and pour every ounce of our expertise, respect and love to each and every project.

At Maken, creativity and considered design are at the heart of everything we do, with every detail revered. We take the time-honoured tradition of ensuring the journey is just as important as the end result and our clients and their business is at the centre of the design journey. We go beyond creating pretty spaces, we research your business, industry and relevant international trends to future-proof your space.

At Maken we design and craft your journey.