Chantel Fisher

Chantel has over 12 years experience in commercial interiors in London & New Zealand. Her time abroad is where she developed her respect for quality finishes, refined detailing, and formulating a strategic approach to Workplace design.

Chantel’s philosophy is that a collaborative approach between designer and client makes for a successful design, and she’s particularly passionate about balancing the art of creativity along with the science of how people connect with a space.

Chantel’s drive is to craft commercial interiors that have the power to inspire, motivate and create meaningful and memorable experiences. Chantel has a Bachelor of Spatial Design at AUT Auckland.


Kelly Rowe

Understanding the uniqueness of a client’s vision drives Kelly’s passion for interiors. Her formula for design success is the ability to translate her client’s brand identity and business objectives into interior spaces.

With more than 12 years working in architectural and interior studios in London, Sydney and New Zealand - Kelly has a strong conceptual focus, where function and form go hand in hand.

Her inspiration is driven by a desire to express intelligence and beauty through design and her architectural background ensures the technical elements of design are always embraced.

Kelly has a Bachelor of Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington.