Kiwibank Auckland Level 3

Located on Victoria Street in Auckland, as part of a phased project Kiwibank required it’s 3rd floor to be fitted out in line with their distinctive kiwi inspired interior scheme. Maken implemented this concept whilst injecting our own personal touch. Subtle references have been interpreted through the selection of wool based fabrics, colours inspired by nature & nz landscapes, natural timber tones, and a nod to traditional maori wall paneling via way of an etched acoustic wall showcasing a Tuatara pattern. We worked closely with Kiwibank to create a workplace where openness & collaboration was key, providing the opportunity for the team to really come together and work towards common goals. The defining features include the open kitchen & seating area / large collaboration / presentation sofas and booths fitted out with the latest technology.

Year Completed 2018
Location Auckland CBD
Type Workplace
Size 490 sqm
Services Spaceplanning / Developed Design / Furniture Coordination / Documentation & Consent
Management / Design Intent Management