Pacific Gardens Show Suite

Pacific Gardens, a community focused housing development in Manukau required our design services to complete the styling of their Showsuite. Set in a jet black, modern conservatory style building, the showsuite soft furnishings assists the sales team to engage with potential clients & their families within a series of spaces. Each space is designed to evoke a feeling of home whilst reflecting the client’s professional approach to the residential development market. Largely neutral, but with a touches of soft wools, washed timbers and earthy tones the colour palette is chosen to work harmoniously with both the exterior of the building and the large scale graphics and branding.

Project Pacific Gardens Showsuite by Changda International
Year Completed 2018
Location Manukau, Auckland
Type Residential / Retail
Size 500 sqm
Services Soft Furnishings & Styling
Graphics & Branding Studio Creative